My Personal Admiration and need to meet with Bethenny Frankel……

I totally Admire your Love and #forthrightness in all situations Bethenny Frankel!


And one of my #Dreamwishes is to take flight and meet YOU BEFORE I get dealt the #deathcard with so many harshful blows to my young (59+ Life) (chronic pain survivor, FibroWarrior, migraineur and many many unseen disabilities wearing me down daily)   You

would be an #inspirational #positive and downright #motivating #meeting, with this #MakethingsHappenQueen and pick your BRILLIANT and SpotOn advice. Please take this offer into consideration SINCERELY…I’m much like you, what you see is what you get. Love your business prowess and watching you handle all of the #RHONY Ladies. I think you said #kahunas…..that’s what all successful business women need! Boy are you Blessed 🙌🏻. Your BFF from afar, waiting with bated breath on our #DreamWishes meeting…either in Your territory or mine, @Toronto

@justagail @JustG.


Warm Wishes-Father’s Day



In my entire life, there have only been a handful of men I have personally known, that meet the minimum requirements of “Father”! I am very pleased to say that my own Father, Donald E. Pearce is the first one, my Grandfather Candler who died at my age six, and my hubby, Dennis Siemko!

In my mind, a Father, is there for all of your milestones,when you are born, start school, ride your first bike, fall off the said bike, get your first pet, claps and whistles the loudest when you run all bases in baseball, takes you to the movies,etc. A Father is there when you graduate middle school, and takes all the boys, out for pizza and root Beers!  A Father, tucks a few extra dollars into your wallet, and says “don’t tell your Mom, it’s just because, shh”, a Father makes you laugh when you get your first rejection from a date, and says, “they don’t know what they are missing”!  A Father drives you to get your first license and usually pays the freight,but makes you pay the insurance……a good Father teaches while he loves you, encouraging you to keep going one step further!  My Dad did all of these things and more,  I miss him so much I ache, but I can see him in my sons, who were made jointly in love, with another man, I know and grew to love.



He became a Father 30 years ago, Dennis Siemko, and shares all of the traits that my Father did, he was at every first, because he wanted to,starting with the premature birth of his firstborn son, Jonathan, then after that, he joyously welcomed another preemie baby, Addison, who had colic for Six months 24/7, he was their for that,  he was their baseball coaches, and drove his sons all over to each event, whistling and clapping, just like my Father did For me.  Dennis drove his little family every Sunday on family days. We would point the car, pack up the boys and their Grandmother and drive for six hours and turnaround!  This good Father learned how to cook, to provide for his growing boys, since I was working, he found that he thoroughly enjoyed cooking and has become a Chef!   


 IMG_1397.JPG IMG_2808.JPG



 He ensured the boys had basketball lessons, baseball, even sledge hockey, which wasn’t a hit, oh well, he watched them progress exceptionally well, on to University and kept assisting them in any way possible, this good Father was there for each of their graduations from university with Honours, clapping and whistling loudly, just like my Father did years before me!
I would like to extend my greetings of admiration for being a Great Fathers, Don Pearce, and Dennis Siemko!
Your Beloved Daughter,and Wife, Gail Valerie Pearce Siemko

Birthday Wishes – Olivia Hinchliffe March 19, 2015

I would like to wish my Beautiful, Talented, and wonderful niece, Olivia Margaret Hinchliffe, Happy Birthday.Olivia is a Brilliant Artist,Teacher in the making at Brock Univeristy,and I must say possesses her Mothers #FUNLOVING traits!  My wish for you is, NO MORE SNOW, Happiness that will last forever, Sunshine, Continued success in your all of your school endeavors, all assignments graded AWESOME and completed on time, all your artwork to be GLORIOUS, keep LAUGHING, never miss a bus again, love with a special someone, your FAVOURITE music, Ivy Levan or Ed Sheeran, playing on all of your devices, as you enter the area, sweet treats from your family and friends, dancing under the moonlight, like NOBODY’s watching and continued excellent health! I hope that you are enjoying your new place and that we will see each other soon…..six weeks has been too long!  Love you lots,oxoxo

Just “G”. oxo

Best Wishes- Happy 30th Birthday, Jon (JDS) Siemko

After much deliberation, and yes, quite a few self talks, I decided to forego my normal lengthy Happy wishes, for my firstborn, and provide you with just the facts! Well, as I see them, after all I was the one who conceived this little guy, with just a wee bit of what I recall, MUCH enthusiasm on his Fathers Part! Then carried him in earnest, for 33 1/2 weeks gestation, with MUCH sincerity and followed every recommendation by every medical practitioner assigned to my “Special Case”! To ensure my firstborn was fully developed and healthy and NOT born prematurely, I did everything, possible! No Drinking, no smoking within my vicinity, eat all the healthy food I could possibly get my hands on at Alternatives Health Food store; practice yoga, meditation, limit stress, you see I had been through this before, and it wasn’t a good outcome!
Jonathan Devin Siemko was born was July 28, 1984 at 16:49pm, however, it began at midnight madness when this heavily pregnant Mommy was checking the downtown of Oakville, Friday night. I was too pooped to walk anymore, and asked my hubby to fetch the car, when upon returning home, went directly to bed.

Woke up at 2:15 a.m thinking I had done something unthinkable, and went to the bathroom my waters had broken….. kicked my hubby, wake up you lug, call the doctor! He jumped out of bed, and was just as concerned as I was, since this baby was far too early, and we had been there before !

Off to the hospital when on the hottest day of July 1984, after sixteen hours of labour WITHOUT ANY anaesthetic, due to the prematurity of baby’s lungs, I gave birth to a huge, 6lb, 3oz. 21″ baby boy! At first, there wasn’t any sound, then a wail let out……then, off to Sick Children’s Hospital by ambulance for a month. My baby boy, was in ICU, head shaved for the I.V. In his scalp, naked except for black sunglasses for the Jaundice…..shook me down to the core! After our tour at Sick Kids, Jonathan was transferred back to our local hospital, weighing in at a fighting weight of 5 lbs. ; I had difficulty finding diapers that would fit his little bottom. When I did, he officially came home, at 5lbs. 3oz. , the blue baby picture shows how cute he is! We all survived, BARELY, and went on to provide him with a brother, who has become his best-friend, Addison; also born 7 weeks prematurely. But that is another story for another day.

My wish for you Jon- Athan, is Happiness, Love, Friendships that last a lifetime, remain curious, stay thinking and Observant, enjoy your new devices that will allow you to grow and become stronger in the multi media world, sweet treats from all of your family and friends, texts, and phone calls from those that you love, continued Better Health, Love and healing white Light forever! I love you around the Moon, and through the skies, around the Earth, a million times, and……..That’s A Lot!!! Mom oxo

Just G

Happy Father’s Day – Donald Ernest Pearce #WarmWishes

This is the first year that my Dad, isn’t with us physically; although I am still strongly tied to
him emotionally ,lovingly and of course, genetically with all of my Pearce traits! You see I was his only daughter, that’s right, Daddy’s little girl, and it was even more special since my brother is eight years older than myself……almost like being an only child.

My Dad was born, on a very cold December morning in 1926, the youngest of a family of seven children, originally from Southampton , England, and lived in the east end of Hamilton, Ontario. I have heard all of his stories and tales of growing up in a large family where everyone had to work, especially during the years that we were at war.

Dad and I shared a few common traits, besides the blonde hair, blue eyes, good natured, youngest to be born, etc. and at times were total opposites.
For example, the way he would make me cut coupons and make car routes out, in advance of our weekly grocery shopping. Now I use, my iPad, and online purchases, to save money on gas and negotiating parking spots at the mall, something that Dad, was not very interested in or trusting!

I distinctly remember the time,we were at one of his Favourite stores in Hamilton, the Goodwill when we went to pay for our purchases, I proceeded to use my debit card…….my Dad’s loud voice clearly shouting, GAIL VALERIE PEARCE, STOP! To which I replied what? Those cards are the devils work; I said that these cards take the cash from my account it is not a credit card. Well then show me how the cash comes from that card? So there I am at the cash register with an 85-year-old father yelling at me, on my left and the young man at the register, not knowing whether to laugh or ask again for the $7.50. I leaned over to the young man at the register, and asked him to please, just hand me the $2.50 cash back quickly or I might be grounded for life!

My Dad did not believe in Credit cards, loans, or mortgages, you HAD TO SAVE up for what you wanted to purchase! My entire young life was a weekly excursion to the Province of Ontario Savings Bank, Library, outside Market, and paying the bills in CASH! That’s how I learned to use the “ENVELOPE ” method. Once the money was gone out of your envelope, you had to wait until allowance or PAY DAY! And these are the same skills set that I have shown both my sons.

Another Daddy’s little girl trait that bestowed upon me was the annual, AMERICA BEAUTY PAGENT, even though I was only five years old, and already sleeping, when that PAGENT came on, it was my cue. I heard the singing, HERE SHE COMES, MISS AMERICA, YOO HOO, I SAID HERE SHE COMES, MISS AMERICA, and that meant it was my moment. I was urged on by my Moms clapping and Dads singing, the Television blaring, and off I went down the long hallway, three times, then right back to bed! My Dad had made me crown out of tinfoil that I so proudly displayed at school the next day; although I am surprised now, looking back that no teacher questioned me being up late, ha ha.

I have so many vivid memories of my LIFE, at a very young age, and onwards, shall share them with you. Today is such a SPECIAL DAY for me and my Father, since he passed away ten weeks ago and it’s the first one without giving him my hug. The following is a poem that I have dedicated to my wonderful Father, on this day, June 15, 2014.

Daddy’s Little Girl

He tucks her into bed and kisses her goodnight
Thinking to himself what a beautiful sight.
He turns around turning on the nightlight,
Letting her know the bedbugs won’t bite.

A year goes by and then another,
As she starts to look more like her mother.
She needs her space so he tries not to smother,
While still letting her know he will always love her.

They start to part more and more,
And his heart is aching in the core,
He remembers when she was just four,
Hoping all her dreams would soar.

Their lives are becoming more of a whirl,
The years go by and the seasons swirl,
She’s his one-of-a-kind precious pearl,
And she will always be daddy’s little girl.

Dear Dad I love you, around the world and through the skies, around the moon a million times, and that’s a lot!!!!





Warm Wishes……Happy Mother’s Day …..Bernice Irene Siemko

Happy Mother’s Day Mom, it’s been five years since I’ve said those words to you it seems like yesterday since you were in my home for Mothers Day, with the grandchildren.

I miss so many things about you, but the relationship between modern daughters especially grown-up daughters-and their mothers never ceases to fascinate me. Especially the relationship you and I had since you were my mother in law, however I called you Mom from the age of 14 when I first met you in the East End of Hamilton where I grew up and dated your eldest son Dennis. Our relationship grew slowly at first, yet once you became familiarized with me and my ways we adopted the mother and daughter relationship.

It is warm and close and loving. It is also frank, terse and ruthless. It ranges over every conceivable topic from their utmost dreams to their in most dreads, and from the strength of their sauces to the color of their handbags. Mothers and daughters, in my experience, no longer have secrets from each other worth talking about. All is grist to the never ending mill and day to day activities.

I love you Mom or Babcia, still miss you every day but carry you in my heart!

All my Love,

Your Daughter in law



Just -g




Happy Mother’s Day – Gail Siemko

Gradually I began to realize that he liked me, that he had no option to liking me, and that unless I took great pains to alienate him he wouldn’t go on liking me, for at least a few years!! Jonathan was his name. It was very pleasant to receive such uncritical love, unconditional love because it left me free to bestow love; my kisses and hugs were met by small warm rubbery un rejecting cheeks and soft mumblings of delight….. Until his brother Addison was born, interrupting our mutual adoration fan club.

Which started over twenty-seven years ago, and we carry this tradition forward, I am truly BLESSED to have these two men in my life!

Happy Mother’s Day