My Personal Admiration and need to meet with Bethenny Frankel……

I totally Admire your Love and #forthrightness in all situations Bethenny Frankel!


And one of my #Dreamwishes is to take flight and meet YOU BEFORE I get dealt the #deathcard with so many harshful blows to my young (59+ Life) (chronic pain survivor, FibroWarrior, migraineur and many many unseen disabilities wearing me down daily)   You

would be an #inspirational #positive and downright #motivating #meeting, with this #MakethingsHappenQueen and pick your BRILLIANT and SpotOn advice. Please take this offer into consideration SINCERELY…I’m much like you, what you see is what you get. Love your business prowess and watching you handle all of the #RHONY Ladies. I think you said #kahunas…..that’s what all successful business women need! Boy are you Blessed 🙌🏻. Your BFF from afar, waiting with bated breath on our #DreamWishes meeting…either in Your territory or mine, @Toronto

@justagail @JustG.


In Memory Of Lost Angels Through Baby Loss

This week we remember babies born asleep, or whom we have carried but never met, those we have held but could not take home, the ones who made it home but didn’t stay. Make this your profile status if you or someone you know has suffered the loss of a baby. The majority of you won’t do it, because unlike cancer, baby loss is still a taboo subject. Break the silence.I am breaking my silence in memory of an Angel named Matthew, that was born too prematurely at 20 weeks! It was a most horrific time for me and my hubby, as we had been experiencing an unimaginable amount of stress during the entire pregnancy. My Mother had just been diagnosed with brain cancer and admitted into the hospital at the exact time I had my pregnancy confirmed. I was traveling daily on the Go-train into Hamilton from my new promotion in Human Resources department from Toronto, and at the time we didn’t have the techie resources that we have now.  I kept very busy trying to keep up to date replying to employee and Department Managers in long hand format!  

As my belly grew, so did my nausea, and the only thing that would alleviate,it would be saltines  and water. As you can imagine I had already named my unborn child and worried that my Mom would never have the opportunity to meet him!  Can you imagine, no Grandma, no Mother for me, no confidant for either one of us!
On Christmas Day the Doctors called and told us they had to go in again and release the pressure in my Mom’s brain, by placing drainage tubes into her stomache! Of course you can, go ahead, I’ve got nothing better to do, so there we were all hunkered down while Mom’s surgery was performed!  Five hours later, I was given a gift from an Angel, my baby KICKED me; it was AMAZING.  I thought it was indigestion, then it happened again!  Well that was the best Gift from Heaven and my Mom, that I could every have wished for. 

I continued in this mode for weeks more, back and forth to Hamilton from Toronto; climbing off the train to get into my Mom’s hospital bed for a cuddle! But she was awake for one week only, during which I was able to show her my big belly and Happy face, Mom, you and Dad are going to be grandparents! She smiled hugely and said I know… Angel told me!  I went home elated that night filled with so much HOPE and Happiness that I hadn’t felt for months; until my appointment the following Monday when the ultrasound couldn’t detect my childs heartbeat!

Within hours I was the patient, and it was just coincidence, but it was on my hubby’s birthday; that I delivered my stillborn Angel Matthew – January 15,1983.  

My Mom never met him, but I know for a fact that when she passed one month later,February 16,1983  my little Lost Angel was the first to greet his Grandmother.😇😇

In memory of all lost angels!
With Much Love,

Gail Pearce Siemko

Humour #BrettWilsonWay

I recently read this item on my FB wall from my buddy, Brett Wilson , and had to share!  He is backing a new product for the men in your life while YOU are pregnant. It’s called #MalePregnancyJeans !  Fits just right for their slightly pouchy or paunchy buddies. Just try them you will like them!  He owns the company!   

Warm Wishes – In Loving Memory of Bernice Irene Siemko

Our precious Mom, words cannot describe how very much you meant to us; your gentle touch and smiling face, the loving way you looked at us, your love of life – the little things, that made you love us, despite your pain, your words of great encouragement that always gave us confidence over and and over again, the love you shared with everyone that we know is sent from God above. 
And so we are very blessed, as we each have a portion of that love, coursing through our veins!  As I walk through my home, I can still feel your presence, yet I find it comforting in knowing that you are no longer in pain.  I remember being your constant companion and caregiver, at times during those 15 years, There were days, I wanted to pick you up like one of my own children, tuck you in bed, and sing a song until you fell asleep!  Then there were the days that you ran away from, tired from how you felt like  


 being treated like a child, instead as a fully grown woman of 4 feet 10″ high, and 92 pounds.  We laughed and cried together, and you confided in me about all the difficult and painful years of being a single Mom of five boisterous children, all born within five years of each other. However, you were strong, had lots of energy, resilient, fiercely independent and most importanly devoted to your children!  I miss you Mom, I miss the talks, I miss, the walks, not the Doctors, mind you, but in the end, all your three girls, Myself, Carole and Dolores, were with you when you took your last breath, at 4:45pm, March 25, 2009; Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital.  And we have treasured that moment and become  much richer for it!  Say hello to your new friends that have arrived in Heaven, My Dad, Don Pearce, and Dolores Dummigan.
Oh, by the way, I am still taking very good care of your green plant that was given to us the day you passed, and each year at this time, three pink blooms appear, one for of your daughters .  This year, six additional , maybe for an additional family member?
We are all still thinking about you and missing you daily, and I know you were very happy to see all your children and grandchildren, together at Christmas, except for the youngest, maybe next year, we just need your help in finding him!

Love. Gail&Dennis Jon, Addison,Len, Carole &Olivia,  Lucas&Rhea, Elizabeth, Ian, Amanda&Jeff, Ravyn, Damien, Hunter,and this year sad to say that there is One More in Heaven this Year with you….Neil :(. 

Birthday Wishes – Olivia Hinchliffe March 19, 2015

I would like to wish my Beautiful, Talented, and wonderful niece, Olivia Margaret Hinchliffe, Happy Birthday.Olivia is a Brilliant Artist,Teacher in the making at Brock Univeristy,and I must say possesses her Mothers #FUNLOVING traits!  My wish for you is, NO MORE SNOW, Happiness that will last forever, Sunshine, Continued success in your all of your school endeavors, all assignments graded AWESOME and completed on time, all your artwork to be GLORIOUS, keep LAUGHING, never miss a bus again, love with a special someone, your FAVOURITE music, Ivy Levan or Ed Sheeran, playing on all of your devices, as you enter the area, sweet treats from your family and friends, dancing under the moonlight, like NOBODY’s watching and continued excellent health! I hope that you are enjoying your new place and that we will see each other soon…..six weeks has been too long!  Love you lots,oxoxo

Just “G”. oxo

Best Wishes- Happy 30th Birthday, Jon (JDS) Siemko

After much deliberation, and yes, quite a few self talks, I decided to forego my normal lengthy Happy wishes, for my firstborn, and provide you with just the facts! Well, as I see them, after all I was the one who conceived this little guy, with just a wee bit of what I recall, MUCH enthusiasm on his Fathers Part! Then carried him in earnest, for 33 1/2 weeks gestation, with MUCH sincerity and followed every recommendation by every medical practitioner assigned to my “Special Case”! To ensure my firstborn was fully developed and healthy and NOT born prematurely, I did everything, possible! No Drinking, no smoking within my vicinity, eat all the healthy food I could possibly get my hands on at Alternatives Health Food store; practice yoga, meditation, limit stress, you see I had been through this before, and it wasn’t a good outcome!
Jonathan Devin Siemko was born was July 28, 1984 at 16:49pm, however, it began at midnight madness when this heavily pregnant Mommy was checking the downtown of Oakville, Friday night. I was too pooped to walk anymore, and asked my hubby to fetch the car, when upon returning home, went directly to bed.

Woke up at 2:15 a.m thinking I had done something unthinkable, and went to the bathroom my waters had broken….. kicked my hubby, wake up you lug, call the doctor! He jumped out of bed, and was just as concerned as I was, since this baby was far too early, and we had been there before !

Off to the hospital when on the hottest day of July 1984, after sixteen hours of labour WITHOUT ANY anaesthetic, due to the prematurity of baby’s lungs, I gave birth to a huge, 6lb, 3oz. 21″ baby boy! At first, there wasn’t any sound, then a wail let out……then, off to Sick Children’s Hospital by ambulance for a month. My baby boy, was in ICU, head shaved for the I.V. In his scalp, naked except for black sunglasses for the Jaundice…..shook me down to the core! After our tour at Sick Kids, Jonathan was transferred back to our local hospital, weighing in at a fighting weight of 5 lbs. ; I had difficulty finding diapers that would fit his little bottom. When I did, he officially came home, at 5lbs. 3oz. , the blue baby picture shows how cute he is! We all survived, BARELY, and went on to provide him with a brother, who has become his best-friend, Addison; also born 7 weeks prematurely. But that is another story for another day.

My wish for you Jon- Athan, is Happiness, Love, Friendships that last a lifetime, remain curious, stay thinking and Observant, enjoy your new devices that will allow you to grow and become stronger in the multi media world, sweet treats from all of your family and friends, texts, and phone calls from those that you love, continued Better Health, Love and healing white Light forever! I love you around the Moon, and through the skies, around the Earth, a million times, and……..That’s A Lot!!! Mom oxo

Just G

Epilepsy and the Waiting……

Stay calm and firm with the Medical community! I’ve been doing this for over 28 years, and have found the best medicine for my son is for me to remain calm at the time of each seizure. I know Chrystal, that it sounds very easy for me to say this, it’s not . I have two boys, one who has the epilepsy is going to be 30 next month and another without any disabilities or profound medical conditions is 27 and has watched his brother his entire life, enduring all of these frightening seizures. I am very calm at the time, and after everyone is stabilized, grab a shower and meltdown! I never had help from parents or family, just my hubby when available. It’s extremely difficult, but you must be your sons BEST ADVOCATE, no one else IS OR WILL DO IT! Good Luck, This too shall Pass. 🙂 Just G