My Personal Admiration and need to meet with Bethenny Frankel……

I totally Admire your Love and #forthrightness in all situations Bethenny Frankel!


And one of my #Dreamwishes is to take flight and meet YOU BEFORE I get dealt the #deathcard with so many harshful blows to my young (59+ Life) (chronic pain survivor, FibroWarrior, migraineur and many many unseen disabilities wearing me down daily)   You

would be an #inspirational #positive and downright #motivating #meeting, with this #MakethingsHappenQueen and pick your BRILLIANT and SpotOn advice. Please take this offer into consideration SINCERELY…I’m much like you, what you see is what you get. Love your business prowess and watching you handle all of the #RHONY Ladies. I think you said #kahunas…..that’s what all successful business women need! Boy are you Blessed 🙌🏻. Your BFF from afar, waiting with bated breath on our #DreamWishes meeting…either in Your territory or mine, @Toronto

@justagail @JustG.


#Montreal Jazz Fest featuring Toronto Band #Scarlett Jane

Concert Times

Saturday, July 5. 7:00 pm

SAVOY du Metropolis
59 Ste-Catherine st. East

Sunday, July 6, 7:00 pm

SAVOY du Metropolis
59 Ste-Catherine st. East

One of the HOTTEST bands straight out of Toronto, with voices of Angels, and music so pure and melodic, you’ll be left INSATIABLE.

Great venue for SJ, and the band is so tight, you’ll be wondering why haven’t I been in at the ground floor level, when they initially started out. Very polished………you will not be disappointed!

Just G. oxo


#Movie Called Third Contact…..Very Promising Indeed

When I was first introduced to 3rd Contact I was just
as excited and invested to see it through to the end as I am now. Great production, promotion, talent, and direction, get in now while there are still opportunities available. Contact @debbiezurko on twitter, check it out below.

Just G. Ox

JUST “G” VIDEOS : I’ll Be The One -Alfie Zappacosta

This is one of my FAVOURITE songs originally recorded by Alfie Zappacosta in 1990, and I was ecstatic to find it on YouTube . Alfie is a force to be reckoned with and one of the most talented performers that I have ever had the pleasure of seeing many times and proudly recommend that you should take the time and listen, then go to his website and buy the music!

Just “G” ox