My Personal Admiration and need to meet with Bethenny Frankel……

I totally Admire your Love and #forthrightness in all situations Bethenny Frankel!


And one of my #Dreamwishes is to take flight and meet YOU BEFORE I get dealt the #deathcard with so many harshful blows to my young (59+ Life) (chronic pain survivor, FibroWarrior, migraineur and many many unseen disabilities wearing me down daily)   You

would be an #inspirational #positive and downright #motivating #meeting, with this #MakethingsHappenQueen and pick your BRILLIANT and SpotOn advice. Please take this offer into consideration SINCERELY…I’m much like you, what you see is what you get. Love your business prowess and watching you handle all of the #RHONY Ladies. I think you said #kahunas…..that’s what all successful business women need! Boy are you Blessed ūüôĆūüŹĽ. Your BFF from afar, waiting with bated breath on our #DreamWishes meeting…either in Your territory or mine, @Toronto

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In Memory Of Lost Angels Through Baby Loss

This week we remember babies born asleep, or whom we have carried but never met, those we have held but could not take home, the ones who made it home but didn’t stay. Make this your profile status if you or someone you know has suffered the loss of a baby. The majority of you won’t do it, because unlike cancer, baby loss is still a taboo subject. Break the silence.I am breaking my silence in memory of an Angel named Matthew, that was born too prematurely at 20 weeks! It was a most horrific time for me and my hubby, as we had been experiencing an unimaginable amount of stress during the entire pregnancy. My Mother had just been diagnosed with brain cancer and admitted into the hospital at the exact time I had my pregnancy confirmed. I was traveling daily on the Go-train into Hamilton from my new promotion in Human Resources department from Toronto, and at the time we didn’t have the techie resources that we have now.  I kept very busy trying to keep up to date replying to employee and Department Managers in long hand format!  

As my belly grew, so did my nausea, and the only thing that would alleviate,it would be saltines  and water. As you can imagine I had already named my unborn child and worried that my Mom would never have the opportunity to meet him!  Can you imagine, no Grandma, no Mother for me, no confidant for either one of us!
On Christmas Day the Doctors called and told us they had to go in again and release the pressure in my Mom’s brain, by placing drainage tubes into her stomache! Of course you can, go ahead, I’ve got nothing better to do, so there we were all hunkered down while Mom’s surgery was performed!  Five hours later, I was given a gift from an Angel, my baby KICKED me; it was AMAZING.  I thought it was indigestion, then it happened again!  Well that was the best Gift from Heaven and my Mom, that I could every have wished for. 

I continued in this mode for weeks more, back and forth to Hamilton from Toronto; climbing off the train to get into my Mom’s hospital bed for a cuddle! But she was awake for one week only, during which I was able to show her my big belly and Happy face, Mom, you and Dad are going to be grandparents! She smiled hugely and said I know… Angel told me!  I went home elated that night filled with so much HOPE and Happiness that I hadn’t felt for months; until my appointment the following Monday when the ultrasound couldn’t detect my childs heartbeat!

Within hours I was the patient, and it was just coincidence, but it was on my hubby’s birthday; that I delivered my stillborn Angel Matthew – January 15,1983.  

My Mom never met him, but I know for a fact that when she passed one month later,February 16,1983  my little Lost Angel was the first to greet his Grandmother.ūüėáūüėá

In memory of all lost angels!
With Much Love,

Gail Pearce Siemko

Happy 31st Birthday Jonathan Devin Siemko

Even though it’s been only a year since I sat down to write a few words of Best Wishes for my First Born, so much had transpired since last July!  There were good things and non events, but mostly challenges on both of my sons behalf and mine.   I remember when Jonathan was a little boy, waiting for special occasions impatiently like any other small person, asking the same few questions repeatedly. Is he here yet? It it time yet? Can we go now? With his little brother racing right up behind him looking up to me with the same big blue eyes, well Mommy can we can?  

Those days are not far behind us, and as we are all leisurely preparing to go out, for the Birthday Boy’s Dinner at his favourite Italian restaurant Pasquale’s here in Oakville, the same excitement was in the air. Especially knowing that Jonathan’s best friend Ryan Martin From primary school was attending with us!

 In our family I have always carried the tradition down, that Birthdays ARE Meant to be CELEBRATED, as you never know when the last one may be. My Mom and Dad had streamers and balloons decorated throughout the house before I woke on the morning of my Birthday. The entire family would waken you to a loud HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG and if you were really lucky you could open your one gift before school! 

In the Siemko residence, we always had streamers and balloons and the Birthday Song, but always you were allowed one gift before school and your card. The card is the most important part, as that is where the words of feelings and love come from? Perhaps that why I’ve kept all of his cards over the past Three decades for my sons Jonathan and Addison, so they may go back and remember how exciting certain occasions can be whether everyone is in attendance physically, emotionally, or spiritually?  

We still celebrate even though things happen in our lives good or bad , because we can!

I am so PROUD to call you my son, Jonathan Devin Siemko, and want you to know that in life there are hills and valleys, but you must always still WALK THE WALK!!

With much Love and Affection, Mom


Words of Wisdom

A Beautiful Face will age and I dedicate this to all of my BFF’s who have Beautiful Souls to match….You Know Who You Are! 


#BeautifulFace #BeautifulSoul #WordsOfWisdom

Warm Wishes-Father’s Day



In my entire life, there have only been a handful of men I have personally known, that meet the minimum requirements of “Father”! I am very pleased to say that my own Father, Donald E. Pearce is the first one, my Grandfather Candler who died at my age six, and my hubby, Dennis Siemko!

In my mind, a Father, is there for all of your milestones,when you are born, start school, ride your first bike, fall off the said bike, get your first pet, claps and whistles the loudest when you run all bases in baseball, takes you to the movies,etc. A Father is there when you graduate middle school, and takes all the boys, out for pizza and root Beers! ¬†A Father, tucks a few extra dollars into your wallet, and says “don’t tell your Mom, it’s just because, shh”, a Father makes you laugh when you get your first rejection from a date, and says, “they don’t know what they are missing”! ¬†A Father drives you to get your first license and usually pays the freight,but makes you pay the insurance……a good Father teaches while he loves you, encouraging you to keep going one step further! ¬†My Dad did all of these things and more, ¬†I miss him so much I ache, but I can see him in my sons, who were made jointly in love, with another man, I know and grew to love.



He became a Father 30 years ago, Dennis Siemko, and shares all of the traits that my Father did, he was at every first, because he wanted to,starting with the premature birth of his firstborn son, Jonathan, then after that, he joyously welcomed another preemie baby, Addison, who had colic for Six months 24/7, he was their for that,  he was their baseball coaches, and drove his sons all over to each event, whistling and clapping, just like my Father did For me.  Dennis drove his little family every Sunday on family days. We would point the car, pack up the boys and their Grandmother and drive for six hours and turnaround!  This good Father learned how to cook, to provide for his growing boys, since I was working, he found that he thoroughly enjoyed cooking and has become a Chef!   


 IMG_1397.JPG IMG_2808.JPG



¬†He ensured the boys had basketball lessons, baseball, even sledge hockey, which wasn’t a hit, oh well, he watched them progress exceptionally well, on to University and kept assisting them in any way possible, this good Father was there for each of their graduations from university with Honours, clapping and whistling loudly, just like my Father did years before me!
I would like to extend my greetings of admiration for being a Great Fathers, Don Pearce, and Dennis Siemko!
Your Beloved Daughter,and Wife, Gail Valerie Pearce Siemko

Humour #BrettWilsonWay

I recently read this item on my FB wall from my buddy, Brett Wilson , and had to share! ¬†He is backing a new product for the men in your life while YOU are pregnant. It’s called #MalePregnancyJeans ! ¬†Fits just right for their slightly pouchy or paunchy buddies. Just try them you will like them! ¬†He owns the company! ¬†¬†

In Memoriam of Donald E. Pearce,   December 16,1926-March 27,2014

Its been a year today that my beloved Dad passed away, and I don’t feel any less pain today, then when ¬†I received ¬† ¬†the life changing telephone call from my Stepmother, Marjorie. ¬†I knew that Dad had not been well, as I had been in regular contact with them both, and enjoyed a very close relationship with them. ¬†I would run into Hamilton whenever I could, but it just didn’t seem as frequently as I would like. ¬†I have always been extremely busy with my own life, being the primary caregiver to his grandson, and my own precarious health issues during the past six years have kept me extremely busy non stop!

I always looked forward to seeing my Dad though, as I was his little girl, and as Mom and Marjorie confirmed, I could do no wrong in his eyes. ¬†I never really knew it, until the day, he finally had to let me down ¬†gently by telling me he could not marry me, as he was already married to my Mother. ¬†Even though I was a mature eight year old at the time, I was overwhelmed and totally disheartened that my very own prince charming, Donald Ernest PEARCE or Dad had turned me down for another woman , my Mother. ¬†I distinctly remember sitting in his lap on Grace Avenue in Hamilton with crocodile tears¬†¬†rolling down my face and he explained it very easily, “My dearest Gail I love you so much as my daughter and I’ve waited so long for you to come along and ¬†be my daughter, besides which I already have a wife why would I want two? ¬†If I were to marry you I would have two wives, no daughter, so there you cannot be my wife and as I said before I love you as my daughter very much!”

To which I replied okay Daddy, ¬†but how much do you love me,”I love you around the world and through the skies around the earth 1 million times and back again and that’s a lot!” ¬†At that point we hugged and kissed my forehead, and I went outside to find my best friend Elaine¬†Jacob to tell her that I have to start looking for a husband because my Dad wouldn’t marry me. ¬†Elaine fully understood because she was also the apple of her father’s eye, and we commenced the search for the perfect husbands.

Another thing I miss about my Dad as I’m remembering him on this day, is the fact that we would get together regularly for his Birthday ¬† ,Father’s Day, Mother’s Day ,special occasions and share a meal at an all you can eat Buffet. ¬†Dad always saved his huge appetite for the meal and we used to kid him about this, asking if he had a wooden leg where he could put extra food to carry him through for the next week? ¬†Honestly he would go up 3,to 5, times, us helping him when he was older and using his cane. ¬† Sometimes he would ask me to wrap some food or dessert up and put in my purse, so Mom wouldn’t see it!

My Father was a very loving, kind, man, with big piercing blue eyes, and always showed me his affectionate side; but there were times, when he would become stubborn and apparently that is a “Pearce” trait, or as I like to call it the fear of getting older, “And I can do it myself gene”. ¬†He was dedicated to his wife Marj, and very proud ¬†of his children and grandchildren , and always look forward to seeing them when he visited. ¬†I know that Dad is no longer in pain, and is playing with his precious kitties and dogs and good friends that have passed on before and after him……he is one of my BRIGHTEST SHINING STARS!
I love you around the Moon and through the Skies, around the earth a trillion times…..and, THATS A LOT.

With Much Love, Gail,Dennis , Jon,Addison, Marjorie, Glenn&Tina, Jeff &Kym,Tim